Truth alone prevails…

                                            CONFESSION OF A COP   —   SATYAMEV  JAYATE       

                                                              (Manohar Naidu,Virginia,USA)

              On entering my drawing room, I relaxed in a couch. It was not busy day in the court. Perhaps, on this auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan,many lucky people wanted to celebrate the occasion with their siblings. My maid brought hot cup of tea with some biscuits and kept on my side table along with postal letters of the day. I just shuffled dak and one pink envelop attracted my attention. The beautiful and familiar handwriting could not hide the identity of sender, though mischievously written on bottom left corner “Guess Who ?” This guess work I was doing for more than 20 years now, in each and every letter. He was my brother TARUN. The address was very neatly written  Ms.TARUNA RAI,  District & Sessions Judge, Bunglow No.10, Civil Lines, Lapata Gunj, Ujjwal Pradesh,990 099. It was sheer excitement for me to get letter from only younger brother on this auspicious day.

                                                                                                         8th Aug.2013

           My dear respected Didi,

           Pranam.  I am sure, you will get this letter on right occasion and time when you are relaxing, taking tea with your favourite  glucose biscuits, and of course day of Raksha Bhandan. Thanks for constant blessings and prayers, now I am promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police. To-day, I am connecting dots and dashes of family. When I was just 12 years old – too young to understand life and society, we lost our mother. She was shocked by the judgement delivered by Hon.High Court against you when you were 22 years old and pursuing/preparing for IAS exams. Accused , the son of a prominent lawyer with political and government connections, was left scot-free from charges of rape and assault on you just because of absence of evidence,witness coupled with weak and saleable public prosecutor. Our late father,though respected and honorable  school teacher, could not pursue the case and became bedridden. You had put up brave fight with destiny as BRAVEHEART to become District Judge and sacrificed your valuable years for me.  You are my sister by birth, foster mother by destiny and above all, God for me. Please read carefully the following:

                                       (1)        An Extract of News Paper Report         Dt. 26/1/2012.

“ …..Shri Gyan Prasad, State Minister for Home, was found dead on arrival at Kitpur Rly Stn. He was accompanied by personal police bodyguard TARUN RAI, Sr.Inspector….”

                                      (2)       An  Extract of News Paper Report        Dt.   1/ 3/2013

“…… After thorough investigation,into the cause of  death of Late Shri Gyan Prasad, former Home Minister, by all concerned authorities, it is concluded by the government that no evidence was found of foul play and it was accidental due to overdose of sleeping pills and seizure of heart while sleeping……”

          This bastard (sorry for professional lingo) Gyan Prasad, is non other than who shattered your life ,destroyed aspirations of school teacher and was cause of our mother’s untimely death. Today, I  CONFESS  that I murdered Gyan Prasad, in train with overdose of sleeping pills and then slowly gagged him to death, destroying all evidences and creating scene .My profession, skill to destroy and create evidence helped me to avenge prestige and honour Didi you had suffered years back. The fire was burning since then in my heart for years and all rakhis, still preserved, always reminded me, the unfinished task ahead.  THE BLINDFOLDED STATUE  WITH SYMBOL OF  JUSTICE, I BEG AND SEEK  PARDON. SATYAMEV  JAYATE   (Truth Alone Prevails).

With Love yours


10 thoughts on “Truth alone prevails…

  1. Its so good to see you write so many meaningful experiences… we are gaining a lot.. and yes sometimes it is upon us to fight for justice… We have to stand and fight for ourselves and sometimes just because it has to be done…..

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