An inspired fiction from real life events…

                 GRATITUDE EXPRESSED

My daughter Jaya had come on vacation from States with her family – husband, a grown up son and a daughter. She expressed her desire to re-visit Juhu Beach with her children.  It was almost 25 years back, at Juhu Beach  she was swept into the sea due to high tide, when she was just 15 years old.She had gone with her friends after finishing her board exams to have fun at sea shore. She had entered the water,as the waves retreated and she further went into the sea. She was not knowing swimming. High rising tide, tossed her.  Other girls started shouting “ Bachao..Bachao (Help..Help). There was no lifeguard seen around. Suddenly, one girl, who appeared to be foreigner, swimming around, rushed towards my drowning daughter, caught hold of my daughter’s long hair, pulled her out to safe area,pumped  out the salt water from her stomach, with her quick and trained maneuver.   It was only because of fast and prompt act of gratitude of this unknown angle, my daughter was saved.

           This incident was a turning point for Jaya. She enrolled herself for swimming classes and  by the time she was 3rd year Engineering College, she was University champion. She had a inner desire to express God and as well to unknown foreigner, her gratitude for saving her life from almost drowning. Various options were discussed, and finally she volunteered to work 2 hours every Sunday at Juhu Beach as LIFE GUARD. In next 2 years,she could save seven lives. Later she  was married and joined her husband in US.  Her love and zeal for swimming never diminished. She continued her swimming activity but not as LIFE GUARD, since in U.S. all public pools and sea shores are provided with licensed lifeguards.  Jaya encouraged and ensured that her children are fully trained in swimming and champion in their schools in U.S. and always reminded her children, the importance of saving human life.

            Today, she was again at Juhu Beach  with her children in their swim suit. While sitting on sand, it appeared that Jaya was lost in old euphoria and sweet memories of past.  Son Daksh and daughter Mehak had come out of water and were drying their body with towel.  Suddenly panic-stricken shout was heard “ BACHAO…… BACHAO . Jaya looked at Daksh and Daksh looked into mother’s eyes and understood her silent but expressive ordain.  He rushed and leaped into the sea, Mehak followed to assist him and caught hold of drowning girl and brought her to safe place on sand. One more life was saved.  As usual there was no lifeguard around . Jaya hugged both her children with tears of happiness and thanked them for their act of bravery towards society.   GRATITUDE EXPRESSED… and carried forward.

8 thoughts on “An inspired fiction from real life events…

  1. I am touched by the brave and commendable act of Jaya. God bless her and her family. I would like to share words of The Mother regarding ‘Gratitude’.

    “There is nothing that gives you a joy equal to that of gratitude. You hear a bird sing, you see a lovely flower, you look at a little child, observe an act of generosity, read a beautiful sentence, look at the setting sun, anything whatever: suddenly this comes upon you, this kind of emotion, so deep, so intense, that the world manifests the Divine, that there is something behind the world which is the Divine.

    And yet, of all movements, the one that perhaps gives the most joy, an unalloyed joy, untainted by egoism- is spontaneous gratitude.

    It is something very special. It isn’t love, it isn’t self-giving. It is a very full joy. Very full.

    It is a very special vibration unlike anything other than itself. It is something that widens you, that fills you, that is so fervent!

    Of all the movements within the reach of human consciousness, it is certainly the one that draws you most out of your ego.

    When you can enter this vibration in its purity, you realize immediately that it has the same quality as the vibration of Love: it is directionless.

    Ultimately, gratitude is only a very slightly coloured shade of the essential vibration of Love.”

    – The Mother

    (The Mother, ‘The Spiritual Significance of Flowers’, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry)

  2. Mano Kaka !! Very well narrated, if Amir Khan gets to know about this story I’m sure he’ll make movie out of it .. Loved it.

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