The Mystery Girl

                                               THE       MYSTERY     GIRL

                                              (Manohar Naidu, Virginia, USA)

Still there was  time to chug out the engine . I was, Sr. Driver with Central Railways. Adjusted and cleaned  my pair of glasses, looked out ahead and switched on the engine light to check its serviceability in the pitch of darkness all around. Looked  at all instruments and was awaiting time indicator to show 05.00 when I would look for green signal on outer and  blow the  whistle.

Week more to retire, I was most experienced driver with incident free career though started as Fireman. I was always joyous in my nature and I was liked by one and all.  Satisfied with family life, I and my wife Rosie were looking forward post retirement to visit our son in States.

I had been always an alert and conscientious in performance of my duties.  I was rather role model amongst my junior colleagues.

Passed the outer signal.  I was  required to gain speed after crossing the manned railway crossing which was about two kilometers. Just short of half a kilometer of this crossing, I peeped out on track ahead with powerful head -light. I slowed down the engine, switched off the light and again peeped out.  I saw some  light swinging across the track about 3 ft high. I had already crossed installed green signal, but what is this  light swinging across middle of the track? I didn’t want to take any chance.  

I further reduced the speed to minimum,  slowly applying the brakes.  The light was coming closer and closer and suddenly moved towards right out of the track. The train stopped about 50 feet after crossing the flashing light which was dangling and moved out.  

I alerted the guard and my assistant, and stood on the steps of engine with amazement.  I saw one person running with  light coming towards me.

She was young girl in her track suit holding the  torch light in her hand.  She was almost exhausted and shouted that someone has removed the fish-plates of track ahead.  She went on repeating.  I got down and decided to inspect the track ahead. Just 200 ft ahead I saw what the girl had said.  Shocked. I used my cell phone and informed control room and the guard had also come.  The gate man on duty also joined us.

When I came back to  engine, I looked for the girl.  She was no where to be seen.  Query was made with the gate man.  He said that one young girl had come and alerted me and he got busy with control room.  When she left and where she left he did not know. All the action was taken by me and duty Guard as per the rules and protocol and traffic was resumed after one hour. I thanked the Almighty and also the unknown mystery girl who averted the catastrophe involving so many passengers. This accident would have been a serious blot on my spotless career ending in a weeks time.  But who was THE  MYSTERY GIRL ? 

I retired from service shortly afterwards.  Spent couple of months with family moving around in India. Back home I engaged myself in computer classes to keep self busy. Went to States with wife and spent six months joyful good time over there with son and his family. Also became fb addict. Posted many of my life experiences on fb with my expressive natural writing skill which I had been always longing to do. I posted the the last incident of my career also to find out the MYSTERY GIRL.

One fine morning, back  home  in India, while enjoying the tea with all family members, I saw a smart looking girl about 22 years old in jeans with matching polka dot top at our door. Her face was glowing with fair complexion, sweet smile with dimple on right cheek, curly hair and dreamy eyes.  In all she appeared to be well educated , chic and sophisticated.

She said “ Mr. Joe Martin, retired Sr. Loco Driver, Good Morning. A very Happy New Year. May I come in.” I said,” Oh!, Sure, same to you and join us.”  She introduced herself as Anamika. She  further said “ I read your post on fb and I am that “MYSTERY GIRL” you are looking for. “   I and all family members got flummoxed and it was most astonishing to me.  Anamika paused. She was offered tea.

She continued.“I stay in the third floor of the flat which is located very close to railway crossing you mentioned in your life incident on fb. From my bed/study room, the gate and the good stretch of track is visible. Even the slightest sound of crossing vehicle is easily heard. I was doing my post graduation of “Investigative Journalism” and I used to do lot of late reading.  I got used to various trains passing on adjoining line.  Morning train which leaves the station at 5 o’clock, was my’ waking alarm’ for my jogging routine.  

On that particular night, I got up little early due to some sound emitting from track. I saw some people near the track and assumed that some work must be going on.  I got ready with jogging suit , shoes and a torch for routine jogging and left the house”.

She paused. Took some sips of tea which had already gone cold. We were numbed with her narration. My eyes were wide open.  She continued. “ When I passed through wicket gate meant for pedestrians since main gate was closed, I thought of seeing the track from where the sound was coming. I flashed the torch light .To my horror I saw the fishplates removed and laying out.  Immediately, I rushed to gatekeeper and alerted him.  Then I proceeded towards the direction of train. I saw my watch, It was past five.  I rushed farther away on track and saw the bright light of the train.  I started waving and flashing my torch light left and right to alert the driver.  Fortunately. the train stopped well ahead after crossing me and I spoke to engine driver about missing fishplates and left the place  in the darkness, back to my home.” She paused. Took out the kerchief , puffed her face and shifted her curly hair  coming over her eyes.

All family members were looking at each other with amaze and excitement on twist and revelation of event. I was still sitting in the couch and looking at Amanika. I got up and with a grin and smile on the face, extended my hand towards Anamika and said “ Thanks ANAMIKA. Ultimately, I could find the MYSTERY GIRL.  But tell you the truth, this incident had never occurred . It is all concocted by me for fb story.”

Anamika shot back , giggled and said  “ So also…..  I am not the MYSTERY GIRL  Mine is also  first half  of your  concocted story.

This was part of my PG Investigative Journalism thesis. I carried out thorough search with authorities concerned on your post and became the MYSTERY GIRL myself. The whole drawing room busted with hearty laughs and hugging each other for dramatic outcome of fb posting .


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